Let them out of the car

White and Black Short Coat Puppy on Black Window Car

Never leave your pets in a parked car, not even for a moment. On a warm day, temperatures inside a vehicle can grow rapidly to dangerous levels. Within an 85-degree day, by way of instance, the temperature inside a car with the windows opened slightly can reach 102 degrees within 10 minutes. Your pet may undergo irreversible organ damage or die.

As someone who resides in a tiny coastal city in the Pacific Northwest, I know that probably 5 out of 10 people in the region drive around with their 4 legged friends riding shotgun. We’re usually cool enough for our pets to be safe but as summer is fast speeding us up we will need to think about how the increasing temperature can place our pets into risk.

It important to think about the humidity and not simply the ambient temperature. Animals pant to evaporate moisture from their lungs, which takes away heat from their body. If the humidity is too high, they are not able to cool themselves, and their temperature will skyrocket to harmful levels-very quickly. So in regions with higher humidity always think about this when determining if your pet can go for a ride with you or not.

Adjust intensity and duration of exercise in view of the temperature. On very hot days, limit exercise to early morning or evening hours, and be particularly careful with pets with white-colored ears, who are more vulnerable to skin cancer, and short-nosed pets, who typically have trouble breathing.

Pets respond differently to heat than individuals do. (Dogs, for example, sweat primarily through their toes.) So don’t rely on lovers they do not cool off pets as efficiently as they do people.

Whenever your pet is outdoors, be sure that he or she has protection from heat and sunlight and a lot of clean, cold water. In heat waves, add ice to water when possible. Tree color and tarps are perfect because they don’t block air flow. A doghouse doesn’t provide relief from heat-in fact, it makes it even worse. Always ensure that your pet has a place to escape the sun either under a tree or under a tarp covered area to be certain they don’t get overheated.